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Who We Are

First Baptist Church of West Yellowstone is a diverse community of believers united by a common faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

We are nestled in one of God’s most unique and beautiful creations. Yellowstone National Park is only a few blocks from our church. Each week we are blessed to welcome friends from a myriad of cultures and faith traditions from around the world. We affirm the diversity of God’s creation and welcome all who join us to worship and serve God.


We exist to reflect God’s love through care and service to all people.


We rejoice in the diversity of God’s human creation. We invite everyone to join us in this celebration.

We strive to make a difference for Jesus in our community and in our world.


We encourage Christ followers on their journey from where they are to where God is leading them.

Madison Sunset.jpg

We seek to bring God’s grace and freedom to everyone we encounter.


We pledge to do our best to protect the environment and lovingly care for all of God’s creatures.

We invite you to join us on this pilgrimage.
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